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Love your teeth on Valentine's Day

Since most candies are packed with sugar, they are all capable of causing damage to your tooth enamel. However, some candies are much worse for your teeth than others. 

The worst candies for your teeth are sour candies. These products have high amounts of citric, fumaric and malic acids, all of which cause damage to the enamel of your teeth. The damage extends across all types of sour candies, from gummy sour candies to sour powders to hard sour candies.

The differences between regular candies and sour candies can be very high. In one study, sour Mike and Ike’s were found to cause 92 percent more tooth enamel erosion than regular Mike and Ike’s. That’s why it’s so important to limit the amount of sour candies you eat. In addition, you should avoid holding sour candies in your mouth for a long time since that allows the acids in these products to do even more damage to your enamel.

Though sour candies are considered the worst for your teeth, here are a couple other candies that can cause tooth enamel damage that you should be aware of as well:

Gummy candies: Any gummy or extra-chewy candies are likely to be stickier, and therefore they are likely to stay on your teeth for longer.

Hard candies: Candies that you hold and suck on in your mouth are especially bad since they stay in your mouth for longer and give the enamel additional exposure to acids and sugars. In addition, chewing on or breaking hard candies can cause damage to tooth enamel.


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