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We have some exciting news to share!

After nearly 25 years of being a solo dental practice, I am thrilled to introduce my first associate dentist, Dr. Dylan Benke. Dr. Benke started in our practice at the end of July after completing a two-year cosmetic dentistry residency program and he is ready to help our patients in all aspects of dentistry. I was connected with Dr. Benke though a local dental specialist (Endodontist). Endodontist are in the unique position to assess the quality of a provider because they see patients before and after dental procedures are completed. This Endodontist appreciates the dental work that I provide and she sought out an introduction because she felt strongly that Dr. Benke would make a great addition to our office. She said he shares my compassionate, honest and high quality outcomes. I have found Dylan to be conservative and comfortable and he delivers great restorations that are both cosmetic and functional. I have received nothing but positive feedback from patients after dental visits with Dr. Benke. Dr. Benke will be available for exams and treatment on Wednesday’s. He will also assist with after hours calls and by covering the office when I am out of town as we look to add him more days in the future. To assist Dr. Benke and the entire practice we have added some new staff members in the last 6 to 12 months. Amanda and Cora started at the end of 2022 as our newest dental hygienists. They both love what they do and provide great patient care and comfortable and very thorough dental cleanings. Kristy is our newest team member and she is a valuable addition to help Sharon with chair side assisting and Irene with scheduling and insurance processing. We can’t wait for you to meet them all and I know that they will make your experience at our office even better. Thanks, Dr. Dixon and Staff


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