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Ross H. Dixon, DDS - Serving San Diego Since 2000

Our Professional Cosmetic Dental Team 

Our experienced and dedicated cosmetic dentistry team has been providing cosmetic dental services to San Diego county since 2000. We are a committed and caring group that works hard to ensure that each patient experience is comfortable and relaxed. We treat each patient with respect and compassion.

Image of Cinque Terre, Italy in Ross H. Dixon, DDS patient treatment room


Cosmetic | Preventative | Restorative

Located conveniently in Sorrento Valley, Dr. Dixon has been providing excellent outcomes and compassionate cosmetic dental care for nearly 25 years. Using the highest quality materials and the best dental laboratories in town Dr. Dixon’s experienced team consistently delivers first-class dental restorations that are aesthetic, functional and durable. 


A San Diego native and from a family of dentists, Dr. Dixon’s greatest professional fulfillment is improving the lives of his patients with dental bonding, veneers and crowns that mimic nature and blend seamlessly with their existing dentition. Dr. Dixon is a firm believer that natural tooth structure is paramount and strives to be as conservative as possible while still delivering the best results. He is an Invisalign provider since 2001, which gives him the experience to achieve beautiful outcomes in combination with limited orthodontic movement, often eliminating the need for restorative work at all.


Dr. Dixon and his staff work to make every appointment comfortable, compassionate and punctual.

Cosmetic Dentistry Highlight

Bonding Before & After

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